Equipment Delivery Monitoring

Monitor industrial equipment for in-transit damages and delays.

Sensor-driven awareness and analysis of in-transit goods

Real-Time Insights

Tive has developed a proprietary sensor + software solution that helps supply chain managers monitor white goods and other expensive products while in transit.

Complete Sensing Solution

A multi-sensor tracking device monitors shock, and orientation, and sends the data to the cloud where it can be accessed in real time from the Tive software platform.

Configurable Location Alerts

Managers can configure customizable alerts to trigger notifications based on geofences or other significant events.

crashed truck

The Problem

Complex machinery is very sensitive to rough handling, and often arrives at the end customer’s installation site damaged in visible or invisible ways. In addition, it is often impossible for the manufacturer to determine when or where along the suppliers’ supply chain the damages are occurring, making it difficult to eliminate the root cause of the issue. Finally, the equipment must be installed upon arrival, which means that specialized staff need to know exactly when it will arrive to avoid wasting time and money.

Tive Tracker

The Tive Solution

With Tive’s supply chain visibility solution, you can monitor your goods in real time and receive immediate alerts if a shipment experiences potentially harmful tilting or shock levels and is likely to arrive damaged, or if the equipment is delayed in transit. If a tilt or shock event occurs, you can prepare a thorough inspection upon arrival to minimize damage, and since you know exactly when and where the damage occurred, you can work with the carrier to resolve the issue.