Damage Alerts for Electronics Shipments

Avoid damage to your sensitive electronics shipments with configurable tilt, and shock alerting.

Sensor-driven awareness and analysis of in-transit goods

Real-Time Alerts

Tive has developed a proprietary sensor + software solution that enables supply chain managers to get real-time alerts if their shipments are damaged in transit.

Complete Sensing Solution

A multi-sensor tracker tracks shock, and orientation, and sends the data to the cloud where it can be accessed from the Tive software platform.

Shipment Integrity Sensors

Configurable real-time alerts notify you as soon as the shipment experiences shock, or other potentially harmful activity.

The Problem

Electronics and other fragile products must be handled with care to avoid damage caused by shock, or tilt. If a shipment is jostled, the product can become irreparably damaged, and the manufacturer may not know about the issue until the delivery. Once damage is discovered, the manufacturer still may not know when, where or how the damage occurred.

Tive Tracker

The Tive Solution

With Tive’s comprehensive tracking solution, you know not only that damage has occurred, but also exactly when and where, making it easy to identify the source of the problem and implement a targeted solution. Real-time damage alerts enable manufacturers to send replacement shipments right away and/or notify customers in advance.