Chemicals Condition Monitoring

Monitor the condition of sensitive chemical shipments and get notified if shipment integrity is compromised in any way.

Sensor-driven awareness and analysis of in-transit goods

Real-Time Monitoring

Tive has developed a proprietary sensor + software solution that helps supply chain managers monitor chemical shipments while in transit.

Temperature & Integrity Alerts

A multi-sensor tracking device monitors temperature and shipment integrity, and sends the data to the cloud where it can be accessed in real time from the Tive software platform.

Root-Cause Analysis

Configure real-time alerts to notify you as soon as a temperature excursion or shock event occurs, and use Tive’s cloud-based analytics to gain insight into the root cause of the issue.

The Problem

When transporting a shipment of chemicals, a temperature excursion or improper handling can be disastrous, leading to damaged and potentially harmful product that poses risks to equipment, facilities, and people. But once the shipment leaves your facility, there is no way to monitor its condition en route, and if it does get damaged, you don’t know when or where the damage occurred.

Tive Tracker

The Tive Solution

Tive provides real-time visibility into the condition of your goods, notifying you as soon as excessive temperature or shock is detected. With immediate insight into potential damage, you can fix a temperature setting, send a replacement shipment, or warn your customer right away. In addition, you can identify exactly when and where the damage occurred, and adjust your route accordingly for future shipments.