Avoid Delays in Port

Real-time alerts help you plan ahead and avoid surprises when a shipment is delayed in port.

Sensor-driven awareness and analysis of in-transit goods

Real-Time Insights

Tive has developed a proprietary sensor + software solution enabling supply chain managers to get real-time insight into the location and condition of their shipments across complex multi-modal supply chains.

Customizable Alerts

A multi-sensor tracker sends location and condition data to the cloud, where it can be accessed from the Tive software platform or trigger customizable alerts based on geofences or other significant events.

Multi-Modal Shipment Tracking

Get notified as soon as your shipment arrives in port or departs a checkpoint, without waiting for customs or other processing.

Location Image

The Problem

Ports and other transit points where goods can sit for unknown periods of time are “black holes” for many shippers. Goods can sit in a port indefinitely waiting for unloading, customs, or truck loading. With no insight into their location, you have no way of estimating final arrival time.

Tive Tracker

The Tive Solution

Tive provides real-time visibility into when your shipment arrives and departs, giving you the information you need to plan effectively and ensure a coordinated delivery.