Plan, Track, and Analyze

Tive’s cloud-based platform gives you access to your shipments from anywhere, in real time, on any device.

Customized Alerts So You Never Miss A Beat

In addition to reporting and logging your critical environmental factors, Tive lets you set up custom alert parameters for precise monitoring.


Set geofences to receive real-time alerts when shipments arrive and depart key checkpoints.


Configure custom climate thresholds and alerting when a shipment exceeds acceptable ranges.


Some shipments need gentle handling - set a shock alert to be notified if rough treatment occurs.

Plan Your Shipment

Tive’s cloud-based platform makes it easy to create and plan your shipments. Just choose a past shipment profile or set up a new shipment with custom ID fields, alert profiles, and more.

Analyze Your Shipment

Tive goes beyond tactical reactions to help you understand what’s really going on in your supply chain. Combine data from multiple shipments to analyze patterns of damage or delay, and use those insights to determine root causes of problems and optimize your supply chain from start to finish.

Capture Your Shipment’s Full Journey

Seamless Integration

Custom ID fields enable seamless integration with your existing SCM or ERP systems.

Monitor Shipments In-Transit

View active shipments’ current status, location, and triggered alerts at any time.

Access to Historical Data

A complete log of all your past shipments enables detailed analysis.

Integrate With Your Existing Systems

Tive offers a robust API that allows you to move data in and out of your existing systems.

Shipping Information

Push shipping information and destinations to Tive

Waypoint Tracking

Set waypoints for automative journey tracking

ERP Integration

Receive data on delivery times into your ERP

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