Interested in learning more about how new technologies can bring visibility to your supply chain? Check out some of our latest white papers, webinars, and other educational materials.

White Papers

Tive’s white papers are a great resource for staying up to date on the latest information in the world of digital supply chain solutions.

Beyond Visibility:
How To Build a Supply Chain That Thinks

End-to-end visibility will bring about a cognitive, predictive and digital supply chain, in which the flow of goods, resources and people is mapped by an equivalent flow of information.

Constantly Connected:
How Cellular is Enabling the Digital Supply Chain

Cellular is the foundation of an effective digital supply chain, and the key to keeping managers constantly connected — from end to end.

The Digital Logistics Provider:
Delivering a New Level of Service in the Age of IoT

With a digital, IoT-powered supply chain, today’s LSPs are staying ahead of the game, informing their customers as soon as problems occur and leveraging data-driven insights to optimize throughout the supply chain.


Check out these webinars and interviews to learn more about how IoT and other digital technologies are enabling new levels of supply chain visibility.

Supply Chain Now Radio:
“The Magical World of Supply Chain Sensors”

In this webinar, Tive CRO and Co-Founder Rob Stevens discusses the evolution of various supply chain tracking solutions, and how these technologies are enabling new levels of awareness and insight into the modern supply chain.

Supply Chain Brain Interview:
Have Supply Chains Finally Achieved End-to-End Visibility?

In this interview, Tive CEO Krenar Komoni and CRO Rob Stevens discuss how companies are working toward the goal of achieving end-to-end visibility and real-time tracking in their supply chains.

Boston New Technology:
Tive Demo Presentation

In this presentation, Tive Founder and CEO Krenar Komoni discusses how new IoT-powered solutions are taking the surprises out of supply chain.

Case Studies

Check out these real-world case studies to discover how manufacturers are working with Tive today.

Electronics Manufacturer

A large electronics manufacturer relies on Tive’s supply chain visibility solution to monitor in-transit shock, tilt, and vibration levels for their fragile products.

Pharmaceuticals Manufacturer

A pharmaceutical manufacturer uses the Tive supply chain visibility solution to monitor highly temperature-sensitive products that are shipped via ocean freight from Europe to North America.

Equipment Manufacturer

An equipment manufacturer uses Tive’s supply chain visibility solution to monitor in-transit shock, tilt, and vibration levels as well as to anticipate delays for shipments of expensive, fragile machinery.