Temperature Excursion Alert

Shipment 42314 Has Exceeded 20° C

Geofence Notification

Shipment 77975 Has Arrived

Temperature Excursion Alert

Shipment 89612 Has Fallen Below 0° C

Shock Alert

Shock Alert on Shipment 67856

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Your supply chain solution for in-transit visibility and insight

Long-Lasting Battery

Tive's patent-pending solution sets new records for tracker lifetime.

Global Connectivity

Worldwide cellular coverage and a cloud-hosted dashboard enables real-time visibility anytime, anywhere.

Insights, Not Data

Location and condition tracking puts events in context, enabling comprehensive analytics and optimization.


Visibility delivered the way you want it

Never again wonder where your shipments are, or how they’re doing. Tive’s combination of proprietary trackers and cloud-based software gives companies the visibility they need, enabling alerts, reporting and analysis on their inbound and outbound shipments.


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Because no one in supply chain likes surprises

Tive provides a new level of supply chain visibility and insight, enabling companies to:

  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Reduce expediting costs
  • Lower safety stock levels
  • Anticipate and prevent manufacturing disruptions